1000km Run & Ride to TOKYO

How to Apply

To those wishing to participate in the 1000km Relay to Tokyo 2019

How to register for participation
(1)Application via the internet
  • Fureai runners(About 100 persons per section)

    • Regardless of one’s running ability, one must run at a relaxed speed on public roads and in parks regulated by traffic restrictions.

    One section that is 1.0~2.0km long is run along with guest runners and, and the baton is passed on to the runner in the next section. Anyone can participate, including small children and elderly persons, and regardless of the presence or absence of disabilities.
  • General-participation runners(Maximum 8 persons per section)

    • Short distance(1.0-2.9km course)

    • Mid-distance(3.0-7.9km course)

    • Long distance(8.0-11.0km course)

    One section that is 1.0~11.0km long is run in keeping with the traffic regulations and the baton is passed on to the runner in the next section. Persons who are healthy and the age of elementary school students or above can participate. Please be accompanied by a parent or guardian, if the participants are elementary school students.
  • Cyclists(Maximum 3 persons per section)

    Participants cycle one roadway section that is about 7.0~31.0km long in keeping with the traffic regulations, and the baton is passed on to the runner in the next section. Persons who are healthy and fit and who are of the age of high school students or above can participate.
Special allocation for Fureai runners on August 7 Special allocation is prepared for those who run during July 24 to August 6 at Komazawa Olympic Park which having the Grand Goal ceremony, on August 7. Please entry together if you wish to run again.

【Important points】

  • ※We ask those using wheelchairs to only submit Fureai running applications as a matter of course safety control. (Paritipation is also allowed in daily use wheelchairs.)
  • ※Excluding Fureai runners, each day's course is divided into multiple legs, but applications will be for each day. Course legs for your desired day will be divvied up by the main organizers.
  • ※You cannot apply for both general running and cycling within the same sponsored day.
  • ※Guide you about how to move and transport your bike, after the organizers coordinate the way.
(2)Application by mail or FAX
Please print the application form which can be downloaded from the following link, fill out the necessary information, and send it to the secretariat by mail or FAX.
【Address】3-8-10, Shibaura, Minato Ku, Tokyo To, 108-0023
【FAX】 0120-37-8434
About 1,400 people(about 1,300 runners and 100 cyclists)
Period in Which Participants Recruited
April 24 (Wed) ~ May 28 (Tue), 2019
Important points to keep in mind for participation
  • (1) In case of cancellation due to rough weather, it will be posted on<http://www.1000km.jp/>, the official website, at 5:00 a.m. on that day.
  • (2) In the event of cancellation, the organizers will not be responsible for transportation and lodging expenses.
  • (3) For participation in the event, please be sure to take utmost care of your health and physical condition, such as conducting a thorough training session and getting a medical check-up in advance.
  • (4) In order to prevent heat strokes, participants are requested to wear caps arranged by the organizers when running.
  • (5) Participants are required to wear equipment necessary for running including helmet for cycling participants.
  • (6) Insurance will be subscribed by the organizers. In addition, we do not take responsibility in case the insurance coverage is exceeded except for the first aid in the event of accidents and injuries while running.
  • (7)Please wear appropriate sports wear and the running shoes. When the organizers decide if you are not wearing proper wear, it is possible to refuse to participate.
Application Inquiries
  • 【Contact】 1000kmRelay to Tokyo 2019 Participants' Office
  • 【Address】 MA shibaura building F4, 3-8-10, Shibaura, Minato Ku, Tokyo To, 108-0023
  • 【Tel】 03-3451-6107(Business days, 10:00 – 17:00)
  • 【Fax】 0120-37-8434
  • 【E-Mail】 info@1000km.jp
  • 【Official Website】 http://www.1000km.jp/